Podcast 22: Ditching School Burns

Some friends decided to ditch school to grab breakfast at McDonald’s. On the way they saw a house on fire and rescued an elderly woman from the flames. Unfortunately, school officials didn’t see them as heroes. Check out what a caller has to say about the situation with the Utalk crew and Steve’s conversation with Wuv – POD’s drummer – about speaking at a high school graduation.

Podcast 20: Red Kettles and “Up and Comers”

Steve and Larissa were at a special Red Carpet event at the Microsoft Theater sponsored by the Salvation Army. It was a crazy night of music featuring some of today’s biggest up and coming stars including: Becky G, Jacob Whitesides, Jake Miller, Tahj Mowry, Alec Bailey,Quinn Martin, and Forever In Your Mind. Check out what they had to say about “Rock the Red Kettle” and making a difference in our world.