Utalk Radio connects with young adults to convey common sense and values-based solutions to life challenges.

Show Description

You can’t always get the answers you want from Siri or on Google. And sometimes it doesn’t help to talk with your dog about the real life stuff you’re struggling with. Things like when relationships just don’t work; unrealistic expectations from friends and family; getting bullied at school or work. Maybe you’re totally stressed out or you can’t take the pain anymore. So where do you go?

You’ve come to the right place. Utalk is all about YOU talking to us.

Some people say this generation doesn’t like to talk much. We disagree. Every place we go people tell us they want a safe place to go to speak their minds, ask tough questions and get some practical advice about the stuff that’s dragging ‘em down from someone who cares.

We’re here to listen to you share your story. You can talk about what’s on your heart and mind. And we’ll give you some ideas that we think might help. We’ll also mix in what’s trending in pop culture, chat with some celebs and talk about how we can make a difference in the world.

Give us a call at 1-855-50-Utalk (508-8255). Text Utalk to 411 247; send us a message by clicking on the button above or reach out to us on social media.

Meet the Hosts


Steve is Italian and it comes out in everything. He’s a dork, warm hearted, practical joker, uses the word “cool” too much and gets bored easily. He’s always looking for good BBQ, pizza and Gelato when he’s not playing drums …Read more


Larissa is an only child, which explains why she often talks to herself and stuffed animals. She is obsessed with Garfield, penguins and purple. She is a loyal Lakers and UCLA Bruins fan. She grew up watching way too much TV and is also a musical theater geek …Read more



Kati lives for film and acting. She’s prone to tripping on level ground and weird injuries – even though she’s only broken one bone. She is obsessed with cats, eating healthy, the colors pink and purple, and shopping. Kati collects key chains and spoons from every place she visits …Read more