Larissa is an only child, which explains why she often talks to herself and stuffed animals. She is obsessed with Garfield, penguins and purple. She is a loyal Lakers and UCLA Bruins fan. She grew up watching way too much TV and is also a musical theater geek. She listens to sports radio when driving and loves to travel.Follow Larissa on twitter @larissalam   instagram @larissalammusic

Childhood Ambition: Music Producer

Soundtrack: Grease, The Lion King

Alarm clock: 8:00 AM

Perfect Day: Going to SeaWorld to see penguins, having a nice dinner at a French restaurant and eating profiteroles for dessert.

First Job: Worked in the shipping department of a computer company one summer when I was 16.

Animal: Penguin

Movie: Fave musical is Singing the Rain. Fave action movie is Wonder Woman. Fave animated film is Happy Feet.

Indulgence: Cream Puffs

Favorite place to visit: Australia

Dinner with anyone: Jim Davis, creator of Garfield.

Little known fact: I was 4th runner up in the Tiny Miss California pageant when I was 3 years old.