8 May 2020


In case you missed episode 5 of our new Instagram Live show with special guest singer Jules. You can read about it now!

Kati and Jules chatted about what they have been doing during quarantine. Jules told us about her baking skills, her new projects she has been working on like setting up her studio and her new music she released. Jules performed her song “Are U RLY Sorry” live and interacted with our viewers. Jules had some good advice about staying healthy and taking care of our bodies for lasting health.

We have a challenge called #goodbye2mean which is an antibullying and ant-meanness campaign. We ask each of our guests to take the challenge. We want to counter meanness with kindness by doing something nice for someone who was mean to us. Then post a picture or video of the kind act. Tag @utalkradio and use the hashtag #goodbye2mean. If you want to join in, please tag us and use the hashtag so we can find your post.

If you would like to hear more from Jules you can find her on Instagram @sheisjules and check out her website julessong.com. Don’t forget to follow us on social media @utalkradio and check out our website utalkradio.com

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