If you’d been in downtown LA this past weekend you might have caught a glimpse of Larissa, Kati and Steve hanging out at WonderCon. Of course you could have also checked out some of your favorite heroes and villains who attended the annual comic book, science fiction and film convention.


The Utalk crew had the opportunity to interview comic book artist Drew Rausch, and heroes like Batman, Batgirl, and even Princess Jasmine.

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Thousands of comic book, video game, TV and movie fans descended on the LA Convention Center. There were three days of panels, artist signings and pop-up shops stocked with limited edition merch, vintage collections and the ultimate in off-brand light sabers.


There was also an “Artists Alley” featuring mainly comic book artists selling artwork, signing books, and doing sketches; plus mainstream celebrities signing autographed pictures.


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But Cosplay definitely took over WonderCon – especially in the airy atrium at the Convention Center.

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In case you’re not familiar with cosplay it’s literally “costume play” – when you dress up and pretend to be a fictional character (usually a sci-fi, comic book, or anime character). This time the Utalk crew did not dress up. However, it’s rumored they may come as their favorite characters at Comic Con this summer. Or is there someone you’d like to see them dressed up as?

Watch for a special WonderCon edition of Utalk Radio coming soon


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Kati and Steve had a chance to hang out at Warner Brothers studios and see a special screening of the new sci-fi film Midnight Special. At the center of the plot is Alton Meyer – an 8 year-old boy with bright eyes and aversion to sunlight. He’s a hot item in a race-to-beat the clock between a strange religious cult, frustrated government officials and his tormented parents.

Alton has some very cool abilities like showing people amazing things, tapping into top secret government info and single-handedly pulling down a satellite.

People from the cult want Alton returned to The Ranch for their own judgment day; the government sees him as a threat while his parents are determined to get him to a certain set of coordinates on a particular day for a reason neither Alton nor parents know.

Check out the trailer.