Uncertainty, Fear, Anxiety and the Coronavirus

18 Apr 2020

Last week on our new Instagram show we talked about how the coronavirus is causing a lot of fear and anxiety and how we can deal with all this stress and cope during this pandemic.  There is much stress around us now and everything we used to know is changed.

We are living with a new normal:

  • wearing a mask everywhere we go
  • 6 ft apart social distancing at all times
  • School and work closures
  • Public events and gatherings closed
  • Being worried about our friends and family members getting the virus or who have it.

We had our very own Dr Josh on to give us some advice as to how to handle all this stress. Dr Josh reminded us that during a crisis, it’s normal to feel sad, stressed, confused, scared or angry. We can’t let these feelings take over we need to talk to someone we trust about our feelings and hold them in. Connection is a key in maintaining mental wellness. Make sure you are checking on those around you through calls, texts and virtual visits this all helps keep us connected during our isolation.

Being aware of our body, spirit and feelings is key right now. We need to know when we are stressed, anxious or fearful, when we need to get help and know how to relieve the stress.

We can do this by:

  • Keeping things in perspective – turn off the news, put down your phone, take a break
  • Get the facts – make sure you are getting your news about the pandemic from reliable sources
  • Keep yourself healthy- be active daily. Go for a walk and make healthy food choices
  • Find ways to relax

If you would like to listen to this episode you can find it on our website and on podcast sites just search “utalk radio” and you can listen to and download the episode.