Podcast 22: Ditching School Burns

Some friends decided to ditch school to grab breakfast at McDonald’s. On the way they saw a house on fire and rescued an elderly woman from the flames. Unfortunately, school officials didn’t see them as heroes. Check out what a caller has to say about the situation with the Utalk crew and Steve’s conversation with Wuv – POD’s drummer – about speaking at a high school graduation.

Podcast 20: Red Kettles and “Up and Comers”

Steve and Larissa were at a special Red Carpet event at the Microsoft Theater sponsored by the Salvation Army. It was a crazy night of music featuring some of today’s biggest up and coming stars including: Becky G, Jacob Whitesides, Jake Miller, Tahj Mowry, Alec Bailey,Quinn Martin, and Forever In Your Mind. Check out what they had to say about “Rock the Red Kettle” and making a difference in our world.

Podcast 19: Saints and Strangers Part 2

Steve, Larissa and Kati continue their discussion on National Geographic Channel’s mini-series “Saints and Strangers.” It’s a vivid look at the clash between the Mayflower’s settlers and their struggles in the New World. Separatists were looking for religious freedom while the adventurers wanted riches. Listen to the conversation as well as interviews from the stars of the film captured at the “gold carpet” premiere in Beverly Hills.