Las Vegas… Mexico…Puerto Rico…what’s next?

9 Oct 2017

Every week there seems to be another tragedy. A mass shooting; earthquake; hurricane; Fire or terrorist attack. People in many places are being traumatized and suffering Painful, broken lives.

                                 (Victims of Los Vegas Mass shooting)

How are you personally processing the recent tragedies and suffering in our world? How about family members and friends? Some are anxious, others are fearful. It’s a crazy, confusing time to endure.

Maybe you’ve lost a friend or family member in one of the recent horrific events and you’re having a tough time wrapping your head around it. That’s not unusual. It’s a time when we are all searching for answers to tough questions. Trying to make sense out of what has happened. Just remember, you’re not alone. We’re all in this together.


Here at Utalk we know the impact of the trauma in our country and the world we have experienced recently will be deep and enduring. While we’re at a loss for all the right words to respond to the complexities of recent events, we’d like to share a few thoughts about how to process tragedy and trauma.

Don’t stop living. We can’t let recent tragedies keep us from enjoying life. Hanging out with friends at a concert or another event because of being afraid that something bad will happen isn’t healthy. Just remember to be aware of your surroundings and report anything that doesn’t seem right.

Stop asking why all these tragedies are happening. Most often we won’t find answers. Instead ask what’s next for you. What can you do to change the world around you. To make it a better, kinder place. Look around you…at school…at work or even at home…everyone needs some encouragement. Be especially sensitive to friends and family who are unusually anxious. Do what you can to help others feel safe You may not have all the answers but you can be a careful listener and encourager. If necessary, get them some professional help.

Our culture – and our world – has become so desensitized to evil and violence it would be easy to look the other way. It’s been said that “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Do what you can to change things. Every great movement always starts with one person. Be open to what you can do to go M.A.D. – make a difference. Start where you live, go to school and work.

It’s times like these when faith becomes important. It can be an anchor for your heart and soul. Something for you to lean on – not because you’re weak – but it’s wise to look to someone bigger than yourself. Be open to praying. Talking to God. A lot of people find peace and comfort when they do this.

Reach out to us. Utalk is all about you talking to us. We care about the challenges, fears and questions that you have. Give us a call at 855-508-8255. Send a text to Utalk at 411 247 with your comment or question. You can reach out on social media or send us an email. We’re here for you.