Snowflakes, Grief, Spaghetti

3 Oct 2020

Utalk Hosts Steve and Kati had a conversation about emotions and how we are all unique. They talk about how we are all share similar experiences but can process them in different ways. They focus on how it is natural to grieve and be sad about the loss of something.

Kati discusses how grief and each of us are like snowflakes where we all go through events but experience them in different ways.

Kati talks about how a plate of spaghetti can relate to one’s level of trauma.

Your hosts talk about what we should say to someone that is in the process of grieving.

Steve and Kati talk about recovery and growth after a loss. It is important to grieve in a healthy way.

How do we deal with loss and grief? Do not be afraid to ask for help. Find a healthy way to grieve.

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