Podcast 4: Reckless Drivers

When we’re not taking your calls we try to keep up on things that affect you. One of the big ones is distracted and reckless driving. There’s some scary stuff happening with young drivers – everything from driving crazy to girls putting make-up on while behind the wheel. What kind of a driver are you? How about your friends? Check out this week’s podcast with Steve, Larissa & Kati. Share it with a friend.

Podcast 3: How do you define beauty?

Since its National Eating Disorder Week and Love your Selfie Week we thought it’d be a good time to talk about defining beauty. It’s a tough thing to describe. English-Irish boy band One Direction’s hit song “What Makes You Beautiful” talks about it. What do you think? Check out this week’s podcast as the Utalk Crew gives you their take on defining beauty. You may know someone who needs to hear this so share it with them.

Podcast 2: Social Anxiety

Amy had a question for the Utalk Crew: how do you get through high school with social anxiety? Steve, Kati and Larissa feel the struggle of it from their own experience. Check out this week’s podcast as they share how they broke free from the nervousness and angst of feeling like you’re all alone and don’t fit in. You can get through it…with a little help. read more

Podcast 1: Meet the newest member of the Utalk Crew!

Larissa Lam recently joined Utalk as our 3rd on-air host. She’s a singer-songwriter; former record company exec along with a lot of other cool stuff. In this podcast you’ll hear more about Larissa including her soon to be released album, “Love & Discovery” as well as a couple of her obsessions. Check out some of her other albums at: larissalam.com.