Body Builder, Police Officer and Power Lifter Gerald Carter

10 Jul 2020

Utalk’s Steve Russo and Kati Ann hosted a special episode of Instagram live. They sat down for a conversation with Police Officer, Body Builder and Power Lifter Gerald Carter. Gerald is right in the heat of where all this national unrest started with the death of George Floyd. He shared some stories with us about his experience being a Black cop in the Twin Cities including his first day on the job when he watched a young black man die in front of him.

Steve shared his experience going to a protest and interviewing some of the young adults there.

Some of the main ideas that came out in this conversation is: as a country we have lost our stability, the things that separate us are not that much of a big deal, know that the people in control will lead legally and if you want to see a change then you have to change and get your life in order first before you make a difference in your circle of influence.

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