Podcast 18: Saints and Strangers Part 1

24 Nov 2015

We are mixing things up with a two part special edition Thanksgiving Utalk podcast. Steve, Larissa and Kati talk about their Thanksgiving memories and Holiday food they enjoy.

We also have special interviews with the stars of Saints & Strangers a brand new original movie from the National Geographic Channel. This movie digs deep into Plymouth lore, telling the sometimes-harsh, often-uplifting story of 101 men, women, and children who crossed the fearsome Atlantic Ocean to settle into the New World. This movie helps bring the epic true historical story of Thanksgiving to life.

You can catch the movie on Hulu, Netflix and National Geographic’s Youtube Channel. Pictures of Steve and Larissa interviewing on the “gold carpet” at the Premier of Saints & Strangers can be found on our facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages @utalkradio as well as our website: utalkradio.com