New Supernatural Thriller Releasing This Week

7 Jun 2016


Last week we were invited to attend a special screening of the film The Conjuring 2 which will be released in theaters on Friday, June 10th.


Screening Room 4, at Warner Brothers Studio in Burbank , was filled with a variety of representatives from the press anxious to check out this supernatural thriller. Before the screening of the film everyone received a copy of a detailed plot description and background information on this true story.

The film is very well done and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Some in the screening room even found themselves jumping off their seat during certain scenes! The paranormal is a popular theme for exploring the supernatural and The Conjuring 2 is no exception.


The film is a sequel written by Chad and Carey Hayes. It raises lots of discussion opportunities about the existence of evil and how it can affect the way we live.  Conjuring 2 also heightens the chance to talk about the role of personal faith and beliefs as well as the power of God.  


It’s definitely worth your time to go see the film. But bring some friends with you and plan to grab something to eat afterwards…if you still have an appetite…and discuss your reactions to the film. There are lots of questions that could be talked about like: have you or a friend ever experienced unexplained supernatural activity in your life? Did it scare you? Have you ever talked with someone about what happened?


Maybe nothing like this has ever happened to you. Do you believe in supernatural activity – why or why not? Where does spirituality fit into your life?


If you do check it out The Conjuring 2 let us know what you thought. We’re always interested in hearing your opinions. Remember, Utalk is about you talking to us!