DC Cody and Zack Shada

24 Oct 2020

We were joined by Zack Shada and DC Cody. These talented guys are actors, writer / directors, musicians, and most recently authors of a new book called “Mandy’s Pet Shop: A Pet Shop For Monsters.” The book is about lovable monsters, little sisters, and life lessons!  

Shada and Cody discuss their inspiration for this book and its message. They talk about the process of how the book came together as well as their future plans for other projects.

Throughout the conversation, they talk about what they hope people – especially children – will get out of their book. You can find out more about Zack and Cody’s book and purchase a copy at their website: mandyspetshop.com or on Amazon.

You can follow the guys on social: @zackshada and @d.c.cody.

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