Podcast 10: How much do you tell your employer?

Joyce called needing some help with her job situation. She has a new part-time position but found out there’s a possibility for a different job with more hours. But she’s also been given time off to attend her cousin’s wedding. Ugh…what does she do? Check out this week’s podcast to hear the advice the Utalk Crew gave Joyce.

Podcast 9: Smartphone Obsession

Utalk’s very own “research girl” Kati – or as we sometimes call her “the stat girl” – shared a study that was done about people’s addiction to their smartphones including weird places where they’re being used. Listen to this week’s podcast with Steve, Larissa and Kati as they discuss – and admit – their own mania with these “can’t live without devices.” Don’t forget to share it with a friend.

Podcast 8: Helping a relative who’s smokin’ up

What do you do when a relative or friend is smokin’ too much weed? Kevin called needing advice about his brother-in-law. It’s becoming a financial drain on his sister plus it affects his bother-in-law’s personality. Check out this week’s podcast with the Utalk Crew. Tell someone else who may need help with the same thing.