Steve is Italian and it comes out in everything. He’s a dork, warm hearted, A.D.D., practical joker, uses the word “cool” too much and gets bored easily. He’s always looking for good BBQ, pizza and Gelato when he’s not playing drums.

Childhood ambition: professional drummer

Soundtrack: Rocky

Alarm clock: 6:30 AM

Perfect Day: One of 2 places – hanging out at the beach ending the day with a great fresh fish dinner or by a lake in the mountains finishing the day with some awesome BBQ.

First Job: delivering papers so I could buy my first drum kit.

Animal: Tiger

Movie: Can’t pick just one…The Godfather, Rocky IV, Inception, Catching Fire to name a few

Indulgence: Dark chocolate, Moose Tracks Ice Cream and pizza

Favorite place to visit: Italy

Dinner with anyone: Jesus & Gandhi

Little known fact: Member of a dance troupe while in elementary school and tap danced on TV.


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