Let’s Talk About F.E.A.R. (Faulty Expectations About Reality)

Utalk Hosts Steve and Kati had a conversation about fear and solutions. They talk about their fears, different phobias people have and crazy stories about the weirdest fears people have had including a man who always drove with his left hand out his window on the roof of his car holding it down to keep creatures from grabbing his car. read more

Actor Hudson Yang

We were joined by Actor Hudson Yang who you’ve seen on the show “Fresh Off The Boat,” The Lion Guard and Liv and Maddie. Hudson talks to us about how he got into acting and says his Dad was very involved in getting his career started. He gives advice for how to get started in the acting field and says to start as an extra and work your way up while making connections along the way. read more

Actress and Producer Eileen Grubba

The Utalk Crew was joined by Actress, Writer, Producer and Activist Eileen Grubba. Eileen has been in shows like Criminal Minds, Swat, Sons of Anarchy. She tells us about a new project she has been working on since the pandemic. read more