All About The Oscars

Did you watch the Oscars over the weekend? If you did you noticed this years Oscars was different than previous years being only the second Academy Awards without a host in the shows history. The last time there was no host was in 1989 and it didn’t go very well, this year fans and critics agree went as well as could be without a host. read more

Life Lessons from Music’s Biggest Night

The most significant single platform of the year to spotlight music creators happened at the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards on Sunday, February 10th. Music’s biggest night did not disappoint. Utalk’s own Steve and Kati attended both the Grammy Awards Premiere Ceremony and the GRAMMY Awards Live Telecast. It was a blast! read more

Is it really worth it…It can wait

We’ve all been guilty of it…you’re driving and you hear your phone going off. It’s your friend texting you. You keep glancing over wanting to read it…you’re curious and want to know what they said. Finally you grab your phone; take your eyes off the road and read the text. Then you check the road quickly and look back at your phone to respond. read more