Actress and Influencer Mychal-Bella Bowman

Mychal – Bella Bowman is an actress, model, theatrical talent, influencer and most recently a guest on Utalk Radio. Mychal joined us live on Instagram for a chat about how the quarantine has affected her. She had an interesting story to tell of how she got stuck on the East Coast filming her new Brad Pitt Amazon TV series Underground Railroad in which she was cast as the character of Grace. read more


In case you missed episode 5 of our new Instagram Live show with special guest singer Jules. You can read about it now! read more

How to Survive Your Housemates During Isolation

Last week on Instagram live we talked about how to survive your housemates during isolation and obeying the stay-at-home orders without going crazy. Sometimes it can be tough enough when things are “normal” but COVID19 is making it unusually difficult for a lot of people. read more