Do You Know The Five Signs?

We are excited to become partners with The Campaign to Change Direction. It’s designed to change the conversation around mental health and emotional well-being. We’ll be sharing a lot more with you in the future about #changementalhealth, but since September is anti-suicide month, we wanted to share a special PSA produced by the Campaign. 

Utalk Got Warped

The Warped Tour ’17 was awesome and Utalk was there at both the San DiegoCA and PomonaCA locations with a booth. Steve and Derek – a new Utalk Squad member – had the chance to hang out with variety of people attending the festival to talk about life stuff and the show. We made some new friends like George; Alexandria one of the winners of our ‘free stuff drawing’ (she won a pair of Steve’s signature drumsticks); Roxanne who was at Warped with her son, therapists and even a couple local police officers who were looking for a place to hang in the shade. read more