And these Jawans sacrifice their lives for paltry salaries n

Church in Tupelo. Saturday, Aug. 24, at Hope Church in Tupelo. This may seem minor, especially if you compare it to other instances of discrimination in the UK. But these small, everyday moments have a cumulative effect, and increasingly undermine the relationship between British Muslims and their home country. But it’s crucial that we draw a line between national security and what can be considered to be the marginalisation of an already marginalised group.. [...] read more

Has nothing to do with my qualifications

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It looked like a chocolate cake, but inside, pure angel food

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ Bellagio Resort Casino to its portfolio of celebrated restaurants with the debut of Harvest by Roy Ellamar New American cuisine and seasonal menus inspired by regional farms. For his first restaurant concept, Las Vegas’ own Chef Roy Ellamar crafts creative market driven dishes that celebrate regional produce in spectacular Sin City fashion.. [...] read more