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Tsend, along with her niece and nephew Replica Hermes Birkin Bags, took the Jaceniches on an exploratory 10 day assessment tour during their 21 day visit, and Jacenich realized they were going to need some type of small scale mechanization. Due to her experience working on government contracts she knew that often equipment was purchased without input from the users. She decided to go on a fact finding mission before the process went any further, so she and her husband launched a successful Kickstarter campaign that would fund the assessment trip to Mongolia so they could meet the people they were hoping to help.. [...] read more

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Next week is the anniversary of the night ten years ago that explosions ripped through two Kuta nightclubs, killing and 202 people including 88 Australians. This weekend journalists and news crews from papers, radio station and television stations from across the country will fly into Bali to begin a week of coverage leading up to the commemoration. There they will ask survivors, and the families of the victims to talk about the bleeding obvious: you still grieving? or was your life changed? worry that often the way these events are covered does more harm than good. [...] read more

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It been nearly 100 years since the Cleveland Indians became the first team in North America four major sports to experiment with jersey numbers. And in the century since, numbers have often become hallowed things to be mass produced on replica jerseys and lifted into rafters. They are synonymous with the stars who wore them best. [...] read more