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For as long as he could remember, his feelings toward Janet Bailey had been a stew of affection and resentment. What kind of mother would float in and out of her child’s life? He’d seen how parents indulged their children with the latest styles, even as he made do with his old jeans. He saw fathers pick up their boys every night from basketball practice, while he walked out of the gym and into the cold and dark. [...] read more

But the June 2014 summit was held without President Vladimir

Until last year pandora essence, the G 7 included Russia and was thus called the G 8. But the June 2014 summit was held without President Vladimir Putin to protest the country annexation of Ukraine Crimea region. With little sign of the fighting in eastern Ukraine ending despite a ceasefire deal agreed in Minsk more than three months ago, the exclusion has continued for a second year.. [...] read more

The 911 driver has leeway in gear selection

This undated photo provided by the Fashion Institute of Technology shows a pair of shoes designed by Tom Ford in 2012. The shoes are displayed at the “Shoe Obsession” exhibit at The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum in New York. The exhibition christian louboutin clearance shoes, showing off 153 specimens, runs through April 13. [...] read more