Nickelodeon’s Kid Choice Sports Awards 2018

Orange carpet, slime, orange blimps and athletes all make up one of the slimiest events of the year. The Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards! A night where kids and teens get to vote for their favorite athletes in different categories and be entertained with lots of epic sports battles between their favs and take guesses on who’s getting slimed. read more

Go MAD – Make A Difference – about Suicide

Suicide’s back as a topic of everyday conversation. It’s a result of the recent deaths of Fashion Designer Kate Spade and Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain along with a new CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Report on rising suicide rates. read more

Are You M.A.D?

Hey everyone its one of your Utalk Co-Hosts and the current reigning Ms. California American Diamonds Kati here. One of the things I’m passionate about is making a difference or going M.A.D. as we like to say on Utalk. We believe that being a difference maker is important that’s why we created our feature called “R U MAD” where we feature young adults who are making a difference in their communities. read more