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All winter long the Front Porch Coffee and Tea Company has been filled with familiar faces of the dedicated core of people who actually winter here. Now each morning at the coffee shop is an adventure as the town starts to fill with strangers. If you don like the company today, just come back tomorrow and it will all change. [...] read more

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“I can’t describe my feelings. I really can’t,” she said. “They have taken away something very dear to me, and I guess I do have some anger toward them. It’s a small detail, but one of many separating Bellaire baseball from other programs around the state. This weekend, the Cardinals look to add “2008” to the patch and, at the same time, claim a spot alone atop the Texas high school baseball mountain. Today when the Cardinals (39 8) meet Southlake Carroll (22 18) in the Class 5A state semifinals at Dell Diamond in Round Rock.. [...] read more