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It is always someone else who can be arrogant, but not we. We rarely think of ourself as being arrogant. But arrogance does exist in various degrees in everyone, including you and me. A. Gardeners who don’t mind taking a little chance may keep the old soil, but those who want a for sure crop are going to replace it. As maturing plants begin to decline, rot organisms can start to form on the roots of these peppers. [...] read more

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Embed this videoCommunities across South Florida are being put on notice about a potentially dangerous pest that could cause problems to their homes and health. Signs have been placed along the Little Havana section of Miami and other areas from the state’s Department of Agriculture, notifying of a potential infestation of African land snails. (Published Thursday, Oct. [...] read more

This entire set was only $3 and I was very impressed with the

Oh, and he let Paul help with sanding, too. And painting. And other minor engineering, little stuff. This entire set was only $3 and I was very impressed with the quality of the paper. I printed each invitation on my computer in a light grey (silvery) font. I used the programs to print photos of us over the years, which went on each dinner table. [...] read more