Breakfast with the POTUS

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Steve and Larissa were invited to the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC where they had breakfast with President Obama and the First Lady, Michelle. It was an honor to be among foreign dignitaries, celebs and our nation’s leaders. It was also way cool to be surrounded by secret service![...]

She fondly remembers him walking her into his broker’s office

Q: My husband has agreed to a Caribbean/Virgin Islands vacation in August. Do you have any recommendations as to islands? We ve been to St. Thomas (not thrilled) and St. THANKS AGAIN, HANKINSON. Simon Cho, the American and Lee Ho Suk, the South Korean beat out a Russian who is wearing a FANTABULOUS skating outfit full of paisleys and sass. Because the only people who actually do well in Short Track Speedskating are, uniformly and without exception, Americans and South Koreans. [...] read more

While licensed house cleaning used to be considered to be

Hiring Professional Cleaners Waltham Forest can be something that could give you the convenience to deal with other tasks or to even give you a break from your busy schedule. While licensed house cleaning used to be considered to be something just for the wealthy, there are more and more people today of all economic standing who are looking to use the help of the specialists for certain cleaning tasks. The more you look into cleaning services, the more you’ll see that this is something that you could truly enjoy.. [...] read more