When Will It End?

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The 49 victims range in age from 18 to 50. Those killed included a barista, an accountant, a recent high school grad and a pharmacy technician. While different in many ways, they all have one thing in common: their lives were cut short in the deadliest mass shooting in the US history.

Social media, TV and radio shows have been filled with comments from celebrities

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Lady Gaga said, “This is an attack on everyone. Tonight I gather humbly with you, as a human being in peace and sincerity, in commitment, in solidarity, to take a real moment and mourn the tragic loss of these innocent, beautiful people.”


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Nick Jonas commented, “My father, a minister from New Jersey , shaped my view that love is love and we are all equal. And that no matter who you are, where you’re from, or where you’re going in your life, you have the right to love and be loved.”

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon June 13, 2016  Actor Liam Hemsworth and singer Nick Jonas visit with Jimmy. Nick Jonas also performs as musical guest. After Jay Leno's retirement from the show, Jimmy Fallon stepped in as his permanent replacement and has moved the show back to New York City. The format of the show has remained largely unchanged, consisting primarily of an opening humorous monologue, followed by several celebrity interviews, comedy sketches and musical number
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Late night host Jimmy Fallon responded, “Maybe there’s a lesson from all this – a lesson in tolerance. We need to support each other’s differences and worry less about our own opinions. Get back to debate and away from believing or supporting the idea that if someone doesn’t live the way you want them to live, you just buy a gun and kill them.”

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The cause of this kind of violence is a complex issue. There’re no easy solutions. But there is one significant factor that’s at the core of this issue – respect. It’s a quality seriously lacking in today’s society.


So what’s respect?

It means valuing each others points of views, accepting people as they are and being polite and kind to others. It means not dissing people because they’re different than you. It means not gossiping about people or spreading lies. We are a society desperately lacking respect for each other.

We all crave respect no matter who we are. But it’s tough to respect others if you don’t respect yourself. When you come to grips with this idea, you’ll start valuing yourself and others.

Don’t let anyone define you and don’t be what others want you to be.

Remember, we’re all created in the image of God. And we’re all people worth loving and respecting.




New Supernatural Thriller Releasing This Week


Last week we were invited to attend a special screening of the film The Conjuring 2 which will be released in theaters on Friday, June 10th.


Screening Room 4, at Warner Brothers Studio in Burbank , was filled with a variety of representatives from the press anxious to check out this supernatural thriller. Before the screening of the film everyone received a copy of a detailed plot description and background information on this true story.

The film is very well done and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Some in the screening room even found themselves jumping off their seat during certain scenes! The paranormal is a popular theme for exploring the supernatural and The Conjuring 2 is no exception.


The film is a sequel written by Chad and Carey Hayes. It raises lots of discussion opportunities about the existence of evil and how it can affect the way we live.  Conjuring 2 also heightens the chance to talk about the role of personal faith and beliefs as well as the power of God.  


It’s definitely worth your time to go see the film. But bring some friends with you and plan to grab something to eat afterwards…if you still have an appetite…and discuss your reactions to the film. There are lots of questions that could be talked about like: have you or a friend ever experienced unexplained supernatural activity in your life? Did it scare you? Have you ever talked with someone about what happened?


Maybe nothing like this has ever happened to you. Do you believe in supernatural activity – why or why not? Where does spirituality fit into your life?


If you do check it out The Conjuring 2 let us know what you thought. We’re always interested in hearing your opinions. Remember, Utalk is about you talking to us!

Life lessons from Prince

He was a game changer in pop music and influenced countless people in the biz. Tributes poured in from celebs to politicians after his death was announced. On hearing of Prince’s passing Justin Timberlake tweeted: “He’s somewhere within every song I’ve ever written.

He was a huge force in 1980’s music. Prince effortlessly mingled the decade’s most popular trends – synth-pop, modern R & B and New Wave – into a sound all his own.

 But he also left behind some life lessons that we can all learn from. Check out this short video where he talks about identity and being thankful. 

Prince was an amazing innovator. He found different ways to reinvent himself through his music. How are you using your creative energy? Do you feel stuck in the same old boring life? Break out of your rut. Do something new and creative. Maybe it’s time to reinvent YOU.

There’s no doubt Prince was his own person. He didn’t want to be and do what everyone else was doing. He chose to be different and was comfortable with it. Do you know who you are? Are you willing to take a risk to be your own, unique person? Don’t get caught in the trap of trying to be like everyone else. Be who YOU are.

 Prince was also an influencer in pop culture. His legacy will live on through his music and those he inspired. Whose life are you talking into? What kind of effect are you having on others? Consider what kind of legacy YOU will leave behind.

The Utalk crew has adopted the philosophy of being open to learning something from everybody. Try it and see what you can discover.